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All mindfulness workshops and programs are based on scientifically proven methodologies; each one designed to inspire and empower individuals to develop skillful mental habits that help to reduce the effects of stress and enhance resilience, focus, peace of mind and general wellbeing.



A Taste of Mindfulness

An experiential one-hour workshop designed to introduce participants to the basic principles of mindfulness and mindfulness practice. Suitable for groups of any size. Includes useful tips and techniques which can be immediately applied to daily life to help improve focus, well being, and reduce the effects of stress.


The Art of Mindfulness: Level 1

An experiential 8 week program, based on the world class Search Inside Yourself series, developed by Google. This program is designed to help individuals develop emotional intelligence, resilience and cultivate skillful mental habits by learning how the mind and emotions function.  Also available as 2 half day workshops.

Explanations are grounded in the field of neuroscience and emphasize learning about the mind in a “first-person” way through the practice of mindfulness.


NEW  - The Art of Mindfulness: Level 2

The Art of Mindfulness: Level 2 is an experiential 8 week program that provides a deeper dive into mindfulness techniques and emotional intelligence. In this program, we also clarify the difference between mindfulness and meditation, and develop the necessary skills to establish a sustainable, life-changing personal practice.

Prerequisite: The Art of Mindfulness: Level 1


For more information or to book a mindfulness workshop or program for your group or business...

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