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Mindful Breath: 

3 Minute Mindfulness Practice


Mindfulness can be defined as simply - being present.


Since the breath only occurs in the present moment, it follows that placing awareness on the simple act of breathing, allows us to become more tuned in to the present.


Practice mindful breathing at least once per day to help clear and calm the mind, improve focus, and enhance overall wellbeing.

Body Scan: 

15 Minute Mindfulness Practice


Just as with the breath, the body only exists in the present moment, and is a great tool for learning to be more tuned in to the present.  In this guided practice, we systematically focus attention on the body, starting with the feet, slowly working to the top of the head.


Use the body scan practice to help calm the body and mind,. improve focus, manage stress and physical pain, and improve wellbeing.  It's also a great way to prepare the body for sleep.

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