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Classical Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are typically run as comprehensive 8-12 week programs, with one class per week. Classes are taught in a comfortable temperature room. Colin has an advanced yoga teaching certification in the Sivananda tradition; which is a classical form of Hatha yoga (pronounced "Ha-Tah", meaning sun-moon). In hatha yoga, emphasis is placed on bringing body & mind into balance, by alternating between action and inaction; activity and stillness.  Students are expertly guided in proper technique with emphasis on proper breathing, asana (steady postures), deep relaxation, concentration & meditation.

No previous experience with yoga practice is required. All levels are welcome.

Please contact me for information on how to enroll in an upcoming hatha yoga program, or to start a program for your group or company.

The most positive action we can perform to contribute to the momentous task of bringing our planet back into balance is to start changing ourselves.

—Swami Vishnudevananda

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