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Feel More Connected: The Joy of Wishing Others Well!

Wishing others well is a practice that helps to generate a sense of wellbeing and connection with others – something we could all use more of these days! I like to use it while doing the covid shuffle in a line like this one at the grocery store.

You begin the practice by bringing your attention to the person at the front of the line - closest to the entrance. Hold them for a moment in your mind as someone you know and care about. And mentally say to yourself…

I wish you well. May you be healthy, happy and free from harm.

Pause briefly, allowing the words to sink in, then shift your attention to the next person in line and silently repeat…

I wish you well, may you be healthy, happy and free from harm.

Continue in this fashion until you reach the person just in front of you. If you still haven’t entered the store after wishing them well, you can continue the process with the store clerk or other customers leaving the store as they return to their car.

Keep in mind there are no hard and fast rules here. You don’t even have to use these exact words. You might prefer something more like... I hope you have a fantastic day, because you deserve it! Whatever resonates! Just try wishing others well as often was you can. While out for a walk, waiting in line, waiting at a bus stop or traffic light, etc.. Pay attention to how wishing others well makes you feel and to the shift in your overall wellbeing and sense of connectedness over time.

I wish you well...

May you be healthy, happy, and free from harm!


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